Areas of Activity

The "Women, Peace, and Security" Project

About the Project

Initially called “Project 1325,” after the UN resolution on the integration of women in peace and security negotiations, this project aimed to promote similar legislation in Israel. Later on, the project’s perception of the concept of “security” shifted to include a wide range of experiences of security in every aspect of human life, especially in the lives of women.

Out of our feminist agenda and practice, we wanted to outline a conceptual framework that will allow us to dismantle the myth of national security in Israeli society and suggest a new definition and a new language on the subject. A sustainable security for us and the future generations will be achieved by preserving social rights, by having gender security in the private and public spheres, by maintaining financial security, by providing opportunities in education, health, housing, work and welfare, and by planning, developing and protecting our natural resources. Security can be achieved by establishing equality for the multiple and diverse communities in Israel without compromising the safety of others.


The project’s areas of activity

Civics lectures: a series of gatherings of the “Civics and Feminism” group, which was formed under the “Women, Peace, and Security” project. The group addressed issues such as the relationship between civics and security as concepts and how they affect our daily lives, as well as developing a civic discourse in contrast to the existing militaristic and nationalistic discourse.

  1. Civics workshop, Dr. Nitza Berkovich, “Introduction to civics and civics from a feminist perspective,” April 28, 2010 (Hebrew)
  2. Civics workshop, a lecture by Dr. Mary Totari, “Palestinian women – third-class citizens,” May 16, 2010 (Hebrew)
  3. Civics workshop, a lecture by Adriana Camp, “Immigrants and foreigners – women migrant workers in Israel,” June 23, 2010 (Hebrew)
  4. Civics workshop, a lecture by Rima Massawat, “Citizenship/nationality and lesbianism,” August 5, 2010 (Hebrew)
  5. Civics workshop, a panel discussion following a reading of Jen Marlowe’s play “There Is a Field,” October 17, 2010 (Hebrew)
  6. Civics workshop, a lecture by advocate Sawsan Zaher from Adalah – The legal center for Arab minority rights in Israel, November 14, 2010 (Hebrew)
  7. Civics workshop, a panel discussion following the screening of “Women of Hamas,” in the presence of the film’s director Suha Arraf, November 28, 2010 (Hebrew)