The Haifa Women's Coalition

The Haifa Women’s Coalition is a unique assemblage of four Jewish-Arab women’s organizations whose goal is to promote women’s right in the country and to fight for equal opportunities and rights for women and against all forms of violence, and to act for the benefit of women of any race, religion, nationality, and sexual preference. “Isha L’Isha” is one of these four organizations. The others are:


A feminist organization founded in 1998 with the goal of advancing the status and rights of Arab women in Israel. Kayan is unique in that it focuses on community work and the individual and collective empowerment of Arab women. Community activities include classes, workshops and group meetings. These activities bring forward the distinct needs of Arab women, which are subsequently translated into legal work and advocacy. Kayan operates to promote social change and to raise awareness of feminism among Arab women and the general public – both Jewish and Arab – in Israel.  It collaborates with a wide range of organizations involved in human rights, feminism and civil society, as well as with public and academic institutions.

The Center for Aid to Victims of Sexual Assault, Haifa and the North

The Centre for Aid to Victims of Sexual Assault is a voluntary feminist NGO that works to help victims of sexual assault. It provides its services throughout northern Israel, from Hadera to the northern border (excluding Kiryat Shmona, Safed, the Golan region and the Kineret region). The center was established in 1979 in response to a need, arising from ground work, to create sensitive and skilled care for women and girls who are victims of sexual assault, with a view to addressing the unique afflictions experienced by victims of sexual assault.