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The Haifa Feminist Research Centre was founded in 2007 in “Isha L’Isha – Haifa Feminist Centre” by a group of Jewish and Palestinian scholars and activists. It houses a library and the first, largest, and only feminist archive of its kind in Israel.

The center’s mission is to collect, document and provide access to the written and visual history of feminist activity in Israel from the 1970s to today. It works to showcase the social and political contribution of women and to inspire future generations.

“We have feminist centers and feminist programs because we do not have feminist universities” (Sarah Ahmed). feministkilljoys.com

The Feminist Research Centre of Haifa began operating in 2015 alongside the ongoing activities of the feminist archives and library of “Isha L’Isha”. The center’s main mission is to promote critical discourse and research on issues related to feminism and gender, to provide an open space for theoretical and applied thinking in these fields, and to assist feminist researchers and activist in documenting, preserving and developing local knowledge about women’s political, social, and cultural activity.

The center promotes and supports research by publishing original studies and policy papers, organizing research and reading groups, conferences and seminars, establishing contacts with international researchers and setting up professional training courses. Ongoing events that take place at the Haifa Feminist Research Center include lectures, exhibitions, reading groups, and conferences – all open to the general public.


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