Steering Committee

The steering committee of the Haifa Feminist Research Center consists of women in the academy and activists, who share an interest and experience in various aspects of producing and disseminating critical and feminist knowledge, as well as a commitment to connecting academic research to fieldwork, and activism to knowledge. The members of the steering committee represent different disciplines in the humanities, natural sciences and social sciences, and are involved in various areas of activism and struggle.

The steering committee recognizes the importance of producing non-hegemonic knowledge from the margins to the center, and reflects various intersections, places and life stories of Ashkenazi, Mizrahi and Palestinian women, queer and straight, young and old, as well as women with disabilities. The steering committee supported the creation of the research center from the very beginning. It makes decisions on the issues on the agenda, outlines a multi-year work plan, and takes part in the day-to-day work involved in the centers operation.


Steering Committee Members:

Sarai Aharoni

Ayala Olier

Yali Hashash

Ada Trossman

Nicole Khayat

Orly Nathan

Adi Sadaka

Hannah Safran

Ruth Preser

Yael Rozin