Over the years, Isha L’Isha’s activities have produced many publications on various subjects: reports, position papers, books, and essays. These are listed below in descending order of the year of publication.

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Declaration against war



Bare Lives: Women without Status in Haifa and the North of Israel (Hebrew).

2020/Ruth Preser


The Use of Gametes from Cadavers for Posthumous Reproduction: A Feminist Perspective (Hebrew, English)

December 2017/ Hedva Eyal

Fighting for Direct Employment in Haifa and the Region: Project Report  (Hebrew)

2017, written by the project's steering committee


From Locked Apartments to the Public Space: ‎The Phenomenon of Trafficking in Women in ‎the Past and Now

November 2016/Inbal Wilamovky

Position on Raising the Retirement Age (Hebrew).

May 2016 / Ronit Piso

Women Owned Businesses and Municipal and Government Tenders: A Position Paper for the Parliament (Hebrew)

January 2016 / Ronit Piso and Shelley Dvir


Women and Disabilities: The Treaty for the Rights of Women with Disabilities,  drafted  (Hebrew).


January 2015 / the civic forum promoting the treaty


The Harmful Effects of The Israeli Citizenship Law on Palestinian Women


2014 / Shirin Batshon

Positions of Social and Women’s Organizations on Pregnancy Termination

February 2014 / Ronit Piso


The Invisible Voice – Women Talk About Disability and Feminism (Hebrew)

October 2013 /Dalia Sachs and Hedva Eyal (eds.)

The Women Security Index Report (Hebrew, Arabic)

2013 / Assia Istoshina, Iris Zamir, and Miriam Perach

Isha L’Isha: 30 Years of Feminist Action (Hebrew)

2013 / Hanna Safran, Talma Bar-Din (eds.)


Women’s Security Index: Selected Findings (Hebrew, Arabic, Russian)

2012 / Assia Istoshina, Iris Zamir, and Najwan Khateeb


Prostitution and Women Trafficking: Providing Preliminary Aid to Women and Girls in Prostitution, professional brochure (Hebrew)

2011 / Rita Haikin and Beatrice Rosen-Katz

Surrogacy in Israel: A 2010 Situation Report and Suggestions for Changing Legislation (Hebrew)

2011 / Nofar Lipkin and Etty Semama

A Contraceptive Injection (Hebrew, Amharic)

2011 / Hedva Eyal, Depo-Provera


A Wall of Silence: The Limits of Public Discourse in Israel – The Case of Gaza (Hebrew)

2010 / Galia Aviani


Nuclear Reactions (Hebrew, Arabic).

2009 / Edna Gorney and Hedva Eyal

Racism at the Workplace, (English)

2009 / Dalia Halabi and Yali Hashash


Safety in Public Space, position paper (Hebrew, Arabic)

2008 / Sivan Azoulay et al. (Hedva Eyal, Hadas Siso, Michal Ochaion, Ammal Ziada, Zameret Hershco, Nina Mizrahi, Dalit Shamchay, Talma Bar-Din, Sarai Aharoni, Galia Aviani), Hadar Neighborhood edited by Shunit Cohen

Position Paper: Feminist Perceptions of Civilian Peace Processes Vs. Government Negotiations (Hebrew).

2008 / Dorit Avramovitch

The Egg Donation Bill: A Situation Report (Hebrew)

2008 / Yali Hashash, Nofar Lipkin, and Hedva Eyal


Palestinian Women Under the Yoke of National and Social Occupation:

A Feminist Reading of Racism and Patriarchy Under the Auspices of the Zionist Discourse on Citizenship and Residency and the Citizenship and Entry into Israel Law (Hebrew)


2007 / Amani Dayif

Security for Whom? Feminist Perspectives on Security (Hebrew)

2007 / Amani Dayif, Dorit Abramovitch, and Hedva Eyal


An Index of Women for Peace Negotiation Teams (Hebrew, printed edition)

2006 / Ilana Aflalo-Peretz

Security for Whom? – Position paper issued by “Coalition of Women for Peace” and “Isha L’Isha” following the “Security for Whom?” conference of January 23, 2006 (Hebrew)

2006 / Na'ama Nagar


Silent Testimony: Women Under the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict, Situation Report (Hebrew)

2005 / Dalia Sachs, Amalia Sa'ar, and Sarai Aharoni (Research) and Dana Myrtenbaum (Legal Report)


The Hotline for Refugees and Migrants, Isha L’Isha, and Adva Center, Women as Commodities: Trafficking in Women in Israel (Hebrew)

2003 / Nomi Levenkron and Yossi Dahan