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Community Building Project

About the Project

Isha L’Isha as a non-hierarchical organization, run by a community of women in Haifa, who meet every month to discuss and take decisions on relevant issues. Our Community Building project provides a diverse and ongoing response to the needs of its feminist members (around 100 women) and some of the needs of the Haifa community, with a special focus on women. We also promote collaborations with other groups throughout Haifa and throughout the country.

Isha L’Isha, Haifa Feminist Centre, is an open house, which conducts and hosts a wide range of activities throughout the year on issues related to feminism as well as current social and political issues. Each year we reach thousands of people (1,600 in 2020) through our activities, which include: workshops, seminars, hosting of groups visiting our center, film screenings, book lunches, position papers, media and social media outreach, demonstrations and protests, leadership trainings, and much more. We also have regular annual activities, such as:

  • Feminist Saturdays (Shabbat): Each year we hold two thematic Shabbats. One is open to the public in honor of the International Women’s Day. The second is directed to our activist community and addresses a socio-political issue that is relevant to the community.
  • Annual March – 25 November: To mark the International Day against Violence against Women, we organize each year a protest march in Haifa as well as other activities.

The project works to provide a safe space and opportunities for learning, sharing, and building an inclusive feminist collective:

Local activism: a more vibrant community of activists co-resisting the current situation and endemic systems of oppression, inequality and insecurity;

Equal opportunities for women from various socio-economic backgrounds and from different ages;

Educational opportunities and safe spaces for women from different backgrounds to come together, discuss their burning issues, and learn about various issues affecting women’s lives;

Frameworks to act together as groups, carry out activities, participate in demonstrations, and lead joint actions


The project also operates a telephone line that offers information, assistance and counseling to women who need support on a variety of issues and according to their needs.

We are always happy to host volunteers who are interested in taking part in our activities. For those interested, please contact .