About Us

We are women who are rewriting our history and the history of our communities to create an alternative to that formulated by the hegemonic establishment in order to preserve and deepen the oppression and occupation. Through research that will amplify our voices, we strive to find a common history – a history that does not ignore oppression and stories that have been silenced.

We are undermining the hegemonic story and delivering our stories from the ground up. These stories have been distorted, ignored, or categorized as unimportant and marginalized. By writing history from other perspectives – critical and opposing, feminist, multicultural, class-oriented, lesbian, the perspective of the oppressed or silenced speaking with her own voice – we also strive to shape a contemporary reality different from the one we know.

Our commitment is to build awareness to achieve change. Our means are activism in feminist research, documentation, archives, and libraries. Our research involves action. It is feminist. We do not separate the personal from the political. The personal is political and the political is personal. We believe that this is a fundamental principle for creating our new voice in the feminist space and protecting the right of different voices to be heard.